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About Janice

Awakening to the journey......
I grew up in a small town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  It was a safe place to live and my parents let me roam as a child.  This nurtured my deep streak of independence and sense of adventure - useful qualities to have, I later realized.  I was very imaginative as a child and read old legends of other cultures and painted and drew pictures of them.  I also made up my own stories and dreamed of being an archaeologist, digging up buried treasure. 

When I went to college, I studied to be a teacher of French language and English and French literature. After college, my excitement about foreign cultures was heightened even more when I joined the Peace Corps to teach English as a second language.  I went to the South Pacific, where I felt totally fulfilled learning about the culture, people and landscape of my host island.  I came to love the people and loved that their different perspective confronted my cultural assumptions.

After the Peace Corps, I helped build a house in the mountains and the summer it was finished, I attended the opening of Naropa University, a place dedicated to process of awakening consciousness.  It awakened me to a new kind of adventure.  Not long after NASA started exploring outer space and did the first walk on the moon, I began exploring my inner space.

My personal Quest began by......
delving into the effects on my self-esteem and beliefs, of being raised in a fragmented family with parents who never came to grips with their own problems and distortions.  I came to respect that my situation growing up was dire and to honor my choices for dealing with it.  On my quest I have harvested much awareness and insight into my being.  This has enabled me view the life-process of others with the awareness and empathy for their feelings, their pain and the deep intentions and purpose their soul's path.

Over time I have become fascinated with developing my own spirituality and creativity on many levels and in different ways.  I have sought out and studied with some very good (and even well-known) spiritual teachers, who have helped me to access an expanded sense of Self and move into dimensions of experience beyond my personal ego.  These experiences have given me a broader view of my own soul's journey through life.

Becoming a guide......
The wisdom and guidance I offer to others emerges from years of my own personal work and long courses of training and study in both traditional and non-traditional avenues to psychological and spiritual development and healing. 

Over the years, I have taught and mentored people of all ages in a variety of settings.  I have participated and collaborated in personal processes, classes and groups.  Through this growth and learning, I have come to love the wisdom of both our wounded selves and our indomitable spirits - we all are dynamic, multi-faceted and powerful beings.

Currently I am teaching classes, leading groups and doing individual counseling with people who are interested in freeing themselves by accelerating their personal growth and spiritual development.

So, the circle is complete.  I am returning to where I started, by realizing my childhood dream of becoming an archeologist, through helping people dig into the earth of their existence, their dreams and creativity - to find the treasures buried there.

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